10th Grade Health

The 10th grade health course allows students will apply and personalize the health skills while engaging in a variety of health topics and focusing on how each topic impacts their life.  Through completing this course, students will be able to build a strong base for mental/emotional, social, and physical health.  Topics that students will explore include: stress management, violence prevention, decision making, planning and goal setting, communication, advocacy, relationship management, self management, tobacco, alcohol and other drugs, sexual education (HIV/AIDS, sexual risk, family life) physical activity and nutrition, and unintentional injury prevention.


expectations (Please click the link to view the 10th grade course expectations)

10th grade WebQuest project- please click on the links below to get started!
Due dates: guided reading sheets 11-15/11-18
                  Script- 11-21/11-22
                  Project 12-9/12-10





Last Modified on November 4, 2013