• HCS Athletics Policy

    Interscholastic sports at Hammondsport Central School are an integral part of the district’s educational program. Students need to have outlets to stimulate their minds as well as their bodies. This process requires coaches that are positive role models, knowledgeable of their sport and have great interpersonal skills for dealing with athletes. The final proof of our efforts is sending athletes out into the world that will maximize their potential as well as being modest in their victories and steadfast in defeat.


    To this end the sports programs are geared to be demanding and progressive, leading to success at each level.




    Modified sport programs are available to only seventh, eighth and ninth graders. There are two different programs for sports involving athletes in modified sports. One program is open to seventh and eighth graders and the other program is open to seventh, eighth and ninth graders. The determination of the program's make-up is made by the county athletic directors and the home school.


    The modified program focuses on developing athletic skills, understanding the rules of the sport, learning the fundamentals of team play, and developing social skills with team members and sportsmanship with opponents and officials. Play is based on the NYS Athletic Standards as well as the coach’s standards. Basically, equal play time for all athletes.


    Exceptional athletes may be provided the opportunity to compete at the JV or Varsity level by receiving permission from their parent(s), having passing a medical evaluation, being a necessary asset to the advanced program and satisfactorily passing a fitness screening (NYS Selective Classification). Selectively classifying an athlete just to have that athlete fill a roster is not the intent or the philosophy of this program.




    Junior varsity programs are intended for athletes in the ninth and tenth grades as well as some juniors who might need some additional development.


    At this level of competition, athletes are expected to make a commitment to the program and to work hard to achieve team and personal goals. Emphasis will be placed on physical conditioning, advanced sport specific skills, additional strategies for individual and team play, and greater emphasis on team interaction and sportsmanship in all facets of the contest.


    Playing time will be more competitive based on NYS Athletic Standards, as well as the coach's standards and requirements. An effort will be made to have all team members contribute to the team effort and an attempt to win [not at all cost] will be a team goal.




    Varsity programs are open to the best athletes and will require the greatest dedication to a sports program. Members of any high school class [and selectively classified junior high athletes] can try out for a place on a varsity program. The coach of the sport program will make the final decision in selecting the team members for a varsity program. Generally, individual sports [cross country, track, wrestling, tennis, golf and cheerleading] may have team members from all six secondary grades.


    Commitment at this level is very demanding and absolute. All outside activities will become secondary to the commitment to the varsity sport. At this level, advanced sport strategies and play are the norm for these athletes. Conditioning will be demanding, with an emphasis on endurance and strength. Practices and competitions maybe held on Saturdays during vacations. Athletes have to be committed to the sport and team. Playing time is not guaranteed, athletes will be used to maximize their assets and provide the best opportunity for the team to win. Playing time is the sole decision of the varsity coach.


    The varsity coach is also the director of the sports program. It is his/her job to coordinate the direction of the program, the skills to be developed, and the strategies to be practiced, as well as to establish protocol for the teams and to give direction to the Athletic Director as to how the program should be scheduled. Team goals and activities should be the result of the collaboration of all the coaches in the program.