Participation in athletics is both a privilege and a responsibility. Athletes earn recognition for their achievements as representatives of the school, team, student body and the community. When an athlete accepts the privilege, he/she must live up to the Code of Conduct beyond that of a general student body member, on and off school property during the athletic season as well as in the off season.


    As a prerequisite for participation, athletes and parents must sign a statement that commits the athlete to follow the established training rules and requires parents to do everything in their power to make sure the athlete abides by the established Code of Conduct. Even if an athlete plays more than one sport, this Code of Conduct is applicable during the entire year.


    Athletes are expected to exemplify good citizenship in both school and in the community. The athlete will display good behavior both in practices and games. Athletes will allow officials to deal with abusive opponents during competitions. Under NO circumstances will an athlete provoke or otherwise engage in verbal or physical confrontations outside the rules of the sport. The sole exception to this rule is the protection of oneself from bodily harm, through self defense. It is expected that athletes maintain excellent class attendance. Absences, cutting and tardiness to class can result in the athlete being dropped from the team. Academic standards must be maintained as well and will be checked periodically during each sport season.


    Athletes are encouraged to participate in other school activities and to respect the abilities of all students in the school. “Hazing” activities are prohibited. “Hazing” includes any action or situation, which recklessly or intentionally cause embarrassment to an athlete, endangers the athlete’s mental or physical health, or involves the forced consumption of food or other matter, alcohol, or drugs by an athlete for the purpose of initiation into an organization or a team.


    Athletes are expected to follow the rules and policies of the Hammondsport Central School District and Athletic Department as stated in the student handbook and the “training rules”


    Failure to meet the standards of the Hammondsport Central School’s Code of Conduct could lead to a suspension from athletics from one contest to up to one year.


    It is permissible for coaches to establish specific expectations for their team. These expectations may not supersede the above mention “Code of Conduct.