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    Four units of English are required for graduation - one at each high school grade level. These required courses provide you with the opportunity to develop and extend your basic skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing. Regardless of a person's career path, good communication skills are an essential in today's world. A student's work in this area is critical to success in all other areas of education.

    Mrs. Joanne Le Clair
    Email: jleclair@hammondsportcsd.org  

    Mrs. Ami Corell
    Email: acorell@hammondsportcsd.org
     **Please access the Google Classroom associated with your child's course section for updated, accurate information**
    Mr. John Kloiber
    Email: jkloiber@hammondsportcsd.org

    Mr. John Ptak 
    Email: jptak@hammondsportcsd.org 
    Be sure to visit the school library and work on your Reading Counts assignments. Take quizzes for the books if your teacher requires them.