• Technical Drawing

    This course covers the basic topics of industrial design and drawing. Very precise drawings are made using traditional drafting methods and equipment: drawing boards, t-squares, various pencils, erasers and erasing equipment, and templates. Of the three types of technical drawings (mechanical, electrical, and architectural) emphasis will be on the mechanical type and consist of parts and pieces of machines and equipment.
    The importance of being able to read and understand a ruler cannot be emphasized enough as a basic necessary skill. Special attention must be given to every detail in drawings. Standardization and neatness is the rule. This course satisfies the 1/2 unit of art/music requirement for students.
    Types of projects include:
    • 2 dimensional
    • 3 dimensional
    • 3 view
    • emphasis on dimensions (adding measurements)
    • applying measurements
    • section drawings
    • scale drawings