• Public Use of Facilities Rules/Fee Schedule


    Guidelines for Public Use of Facilities

    • These guidelines will be used for charging outside groups for the use of district buildings and grounds. The groups may be charged for both the labor costs and a rental usage fee depending whether they are considered a local group.
    • The District will not charge local groups (defined below) whenever possible. If a local group uses a facility when there is regularly scheduled staff, there will be no labor charge. If the District has to schedule staff to cover the event, the local group will be charged to cover the District’s labor costs. No rental fees will be charged to local groups.
      • The District will not charge the following groups whenever possible:
        • The Parent Teacher Organization
        • Hammondsport Youth Sports
        • Scouts or similar local groups
        • Other groups that serve the District’s local young people exclusively
      • Sports groups or clubs are considered local when 55% or more of the participants involved in an event or use of the facility are from the Hammondsport Central School District.
      • A roster(s) must be attached to the “Use of School Facilities” form which must be filed.
      • The District will charge the following for facilities use:
        • Any non-school group charging a fee, donation, or making a profit
        • Any group outside the Hammondsport Central School District
        • Any group that does not meet the definition of local (see above)
    • The adult supervisors of local groups may secure temporary access cards to school facilities for the length of their usage. These cards will be signed out at the District Office with a $50.00 deposit that will be returned upon the return of the key. Any misuse of the access card will result in the revocation of the card and forfeiture of the deposit. The card will immediately be deactivated should the facilities be left open or in an unsatisfactory state as a result of the groups usage.


    Approved Fees for Facilities Use

    • Gymnasium: $15 per hour
    • Auditorium: $15 per hour
    • Cafeteria: $15 per hour for cafeteria only
    • $30 per hour for cafeteria/kitchen plus cost of cafeteria worker
    • Classrooms: $10 per hour
    • Library: $10 per hour
    • Fields/Grounds: No fee* but appropriate paperwork must be complete

    *If lights are used there is a cost of $60 per hour plus labor for custodial support.

    approved as of July 1, 2009