Steuben County Department of Health has approved high risk sports to begin  Monday, February 1st. For Hammondsport that means basketball for boys and girls will begin for a short six week season. The Steuben County DOH and Superintendents did agree on two additional precautions for all Steuben County schools to help reduce the risks to our athletes and help keep these student athletes in school and out of quarantine. 

All athletes will be required to wear masks at all times. This was done in our fall sports and the athletes did very well. We will not have our student athletes exposed to any unnecessary risks by competing against teams that also do not wear masks. We hope teams outside of Steuben County will adopt this policy for the safety of all student athletes!

No spectators will be allowed at any sporting events involving other schools. Due to the 60 minute contact rule for quarantine, adding additional people into a gym for over 60 minutes dramatically increases the risks to our athletes if one of those people tests positive. All Hammondsport home contests will be livestreamed through our website and we are working with other Districts to ensure away contests will be livestreamed as well. Student safety and the reduction of risk are our main priorities while allowing our student athletes to compete. 

We look forward to having our Laker athletes on the court in a few short days! Should there be any questions about high risk sports or the restrictions in place, please call Mr. Bower directly in the District Office.