• Parent Portal Access

    Parent Portal is a feature that provides parents/guardians access to grades, assignments and attendance records of their students.

     To create a login account for Parent Portal, you will need your student’s ID number, what grade level your student is currently in, the name used on correspondence home (James instead of Jim), and student’s mailing address.

     Directions for creating a Parent Portal.

    1. Go to the Hammondsport Central School website  


    1. On the top bar select Elementary or JR/SR High School and click on Parent Portal.
    2. Go to this link eSD Parent Portal Once you click on eSD Parent Portal it will take you to the Parent Portal Registration/ Login Page.


    1. At the bottom of the black login box, click on Parent Portal Registration.
    2. Fill in Step 1 Account Information:
      1. School District
      2. Create User Name
      3. Create Password
      4. Email address
      5. Authentication questions
    3. Fill in Step 2 Parent/Guardian Information:
      1. Name
      2. Address
      3. Phone Number
    4. Fill in Step 3 Student Information:
      1. Student ID #
      2. First Name
      3. Last Name
      4. School
      5. Grade
      6. Click Finish Registration or Add Students to Above List. Once you have added all of your students click finish registration. 


    Once all three sections are completed your account is set up.  If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact Lisa Stone at lstone@hammondsportcsd.org​ or 607-569-5200 ext. 5232