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       Ms. Belinda Trickey             Mrs. Lindsay Orzel           Mrs. Kim Voss        
           Physics                                                 Physical Science                               Living Environment
           Integrated Science                                Earth Science                                   Chemistry
           Life Science                                                                                 AP Biology


    Explore all the aspects of science from the infinite universe to the billions of cells that make us. Limitless possibilities to learn and discover reside in the classrooms of Ms. Trickey, Mrs. Orzel and Mrs. Voss!
    In our Science classes, students develop and practice essential scientific skills such as careful documentation of their observations, developing evidence-based inferences, collaborating with their peers and communicating their findings to the community. 
    Uncovering scientific knowledge requires the efforts of each student during class activities, labs and experiments. All of our students' science labs must be successfully completed in order to earn credit for any science class and take any cumulative or regent exam.  

       Visit Rooms 201, 204, and 206 to embark on

    new scientific findings!